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Tree Spades

Before the invention of tree spades, professionals removed trees by hand. Four workers would use a specifically designed tree spade to dig into the dirt surrounding the tree. Without a large vehicle, only certain types of light and small trees that could be moved by workers alone were able to be moved. As industrial trucks were invented, so too were the truck-mounted tree spades.

Tree Spades for Sale in Alberta

In many cases, trees can be moved instead of cut down. If you are looking for equipment to easily move trees, Holt Tree Spades 2022. is here to help you. Holt Tree Spades has manufactured tree moving equipment since 1957. We understand the need for strong, versatile equipment so that you can move trees to their new homes.

There are many different sizes and types of tree spades. Whether you need to move a tree that is resting in dirt, sand, soil, or gravel, our trucks can handle the task. Our tree spades have root ballers that range from 16” to 144” so that many different types and sizes of trees may be moved.

Model 44 Tree Spades for Skid Steers
Model 38 Excavator Tree Spades
Loader Mount Tree Spades